Bellofram specializes in the design and manufacture of air and gas pressure regulators, relays, servo pressure controllers, I/P's and E/P's, analog circuit card pressure transducers and regulators, diaphragm air cylinders, FRL's and related accessories for critical applications.

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Marsh Bellofram

Headquartered in Newell, West Virginia, USA, leading global manufacturer of high-performance OEM, industrial and process control instrumentation, including pressure instruments and gauges, air pressure regulators and transducers, RTD's and thermocouples, FR'Ls, cylinders, and natural gas and propane pressure regulators, as well as sensors, industrial diaphragms, and specialty silicones.


Marsh Gauge

For more than 140 years, Marsh Instruments has been synonymous with the design, manufacture and supply of the highest quality pressure gauges and thermometers, with a portfolio that has developed into the most comprehensive gauge lines in the world. Marsh Instruments pressure gauges are used in countless applications where accuracy, dependability and durability are essential.

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Bellofram Type 50 Regulator

The Marsh Bellofram Type 50 & Type 50 NACE are reliable, precision filter air set pressure regulators, designed for instrumentation and general purpose use in both standard (Type 50) and corrosive environments (Type 50 NACE). The rugged design and construction of the Type 50 includes the incorporation of die cast aluminum housings that are finished with epoxy paint. Careful design and use of quality materials ensure long, trouble-free operation, even in the most difficult of industrial environments.

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Bellofram Type 1500 Pressure Transducer

The Marsh Bellofram Type 1500 electro-pneumatic transducer converts an electrical signal to a proportional pressure output. It provides low-cost precision electro-pneumatic control to actuators, valves, positioners and high-flow controls. Type 1500's compact size and accessibility to ports and adjustments allow the unit to be installed in space-constrained locations or in a manifold.

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Marsh Severe service gauges

Marsh Bellofram severe service gauges are expressly designed to provide reliable pressure measurements in harsh and demanding industrial and OEM environments, particularly where pulsation and vibration are a concern. The gauges are filled with liquid to offer a dampening effect, while reducing pointer flutter and potential internal damage to the gauge while in use.

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