Duolok tube fittings are designed, manufactured and quality controlled to be totally "interchangeable" with the Swagelok® brand of tube fittings. Component by component examination plainly shows the two brands as completely "component-intermixable." The precision manufacturing of both products to stringent tolerances under rigid quality control procedures ensures the safty, preformance and reliability of service whenever Duolok and Swagelok® component parts are mixed and used in accordance with published installation and service recomendations.

Duolok tube fittings are designed and manufactured to provide a reliable, leak-proof connection in instrumentation and process tubing systems. The double ferrule design, with the staged sequential swaging action of the ferrules during make-up, compensates for the variations in tubing materials, hardness, and thickness of the tube wall to provide leak-tight connections in an extensive range of applications

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