Nicholson Steam Trap

The Nicholson Steam Trap product line is designed expressly for the industrial marketplace and features traps ranging from highly polished stainless steel sanitary traps to innovative variable orifice F&T(float & thermostatic) traps. Nicholson products are known throughout the industry for their value and durability.

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CIRCOR International is a global manufacturer specializing in highly engineered, complex and severe environment products that serve long-term, high growth infrastructure markets, including oil and gas, power generation and aerospace and defense.

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Spence Engineering Company is the industry leader in the steam equipment regulation field and is an ISO 9001 certified custom manufacturer of steam specialty & fluid control devices. Since its earliest days, Spence has continued its "History of Innovation" with new product development and improvements to the Spence "quality first" manufacturing philosophy.

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Nicholson Dura-Flo Inverted Bucket Steam Trap

The Nicholson Duraflo Inverted Bucket Steam Trap allows pressures to 250 PSIG and temperatures to 450*F . It's hardened stainless steel valve and seat ensures long life and maximum corrosion resistance. This inexpensive and low maintence bucket trap is long lasting, rugged and naturally resistant to water hammer, dirt and scale.

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Nicholson FTN Series Float and Thermostatic Trap

The Nicholson FTN Float and Thermostatic Steam Trap has a universal Four-port Design and piping dimensions similar to other major manufacturers which allows maximum installation flexibility for easy replacement. This steam trap is composed of Stainless Steel Internal Components, Hardened Valves and Seats. Extra long life and dependable service. Resists water hammer. Protects against erosion and corrosion.

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Nicholson CDS Series Sanitary Thermostatic Steam Trap

Nicholson's model CDS-204, installed with the optional B bellows, is the most sensitive trap in the market with a 1*C (2-3*F) sub-cool. This means that SIP system (Steam-in-place) sterilization pressures can be set lower because control limits are tighter. This lower pressure, and corresponding saturation temperature, reduces rouging and extends the life of components. The high capacity of the CDS-204 makes it an excellent choice when fast SIP system warm up is desired. It is also well suited for Clean-In-Place Return (CIPR). Nicholson offers a full line of BPE compliant sanitary steam traps including the CDS and CDH, DS100/110 series.

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