Since 1968 ChemTec has been engineering and manufacturing their patented line of flow meters, flow monitors, and excess flow valves in the United States. In fact, they build, assemble, and test all of their products in Deerfield Beach, Florida allowing them to provide reliable, personalized service to all of their customers.

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Instant Innovation

Don't Settle for Less. ChemTec will gladly build custom units. While similar products may look like ChemTec's their reputation for quality, durability, customer satisfaction and fast turn-around time is unmatched. ChemTec products are often imitated because of our long standing reputation and promise of quality, but competitors can't match their bulletproof craftsmanship


Custom Fabrication

ChemTec will gladly surmount any custom fabrication challenge! They create universal, custom and non-stock units in any volume based on fit, form and function. ChemTec products have many applications, if you need something special let us know. Your specific low flow needs are what we cater to.

ChemTec LPH Series Flow Monitor

Economical monitoring of flows of corrosive and non-corrosive liquids and gases. Suitable for uses such as Analyzers, Kidney Dialysis Machines, Biomedical Equiptment, Laser Cooling Systems, Bubbler Systems, and Pollution Sampling Equipment. Available with Reed switch or digital solid state switch.

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ChemTec 125BP Series Adjustable Flow Monitor

Available in PTFE and Stainless Steel. Best for Applications where the Ratio (Normal Flow/Set Point) is 10:1 or less. Suitable for Vacuum Systems, Wet Stations, Gas Analyzers, Cooling Systems, and Industrial Fluid Lines.

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ChemTec FS Series High-Flow Flow Monitor

Economical Liquid Flow Sensor, Frequently used in Laser Cooling Systems, Heat Pumps, and Cooling Systems. Available in PVC, Brass, or Stainless Steel.

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