Oseco manufactures rupture discs, explosion vents, and other pressure relief products. Oseco's intelligent pressure relief systems protect people, plants, processes and the environment across the globe. As a leader in technically advanced pressure relief products, Oseco delivers unique design, testing and consultancy services for pressure management.

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Halma is an international group of companies that make products for hazard detection, life protection, personal and public health improvement, and environmental protection. Their core values are Achievement, Innovation, Empowerment, and Customer Satisfaction.

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Schedule a Lunch and Learn

Our Oseco "lunch and learn" program comes to your location for an enjoyable educational break. We offer continuing education seminars to give engineers and plant maintenance workers a better understanding of pressure relief technology. The goal is to pass on valuable knowledge to your internal team in a comfortable, relaxed setting, which is conducive to the learning and the sharing of ideas.

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Oseco Safety Cartridge Next Generation Technology and Modern Design

The Oseco Safety Cartridge features modern design and Next Generation technology to eliminate system leaks and increase the efficiency and safety of your installation. The revolutionary one piece design solves common issues with installation and maintenance of legacy designs.

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Oseco PRO+KRGL High Performance Rupture Disc

Oseco's PRO+KRGL is a reverse buckling rupture disc designed and manufactured for high cycling performance and demanding applications. The PRO+KRGL can help maximize your system performance with a 95% operating ratio and delivers a best in class Flow Resistance Factor (FRF) or KR, in gas and liquid. Excellent for isolating safety relief valves.

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Oseco FAS Rupture Disc

The Oseco FAS is a high performance forward acting rupture disc designed and manufactured for high-performance and demanding rupture disc applications. The FAS delivers the lowest Flow Resistance Factors (FRF), Kr, for gas and liquid in the market.

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Oseco MV-RD Series Explosion Vent

Oseco's MV-RD is the best in class, high performance, domed designed explosion vent for high cycling applications such as dust collectors, bag houses, and bulk storage units that experience vacuum pressures up to 12 psig or 24.4 inHg. The MV-RD's high cycling characteristics reduce maintenance and increase the vents life cycle. The MV-RD meets the requirements of NFPA 68.

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